​​​​​​​​​Companies that offer the service of tracking and monitoring of cars, banks and ATM machine, home alarms that notify you in cases of theft by SMS. Special pac​kage offer to companies that need Their Devices and equipment to stay connected to the internet (GPRS) , example ' Vehicle Tracking​​

Data Packages

  1. Internet service be Online discount directly from the balance based on consumption
  2. Activation of the Internet and SMS services When receiving THE Special SIM CARDS
  3. The validity period 3 YEARS​

Subscription Fees: 50 LYD​

0.3 Dirham-Per SMS
1 MIGA​-100 Dirham
1 Dirham-10 KBT GPRS
LYD 1-Per Minute Call

My APN Service

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It's a private /corporate APN (Access Point Name ) gives a customer direct access to their LAN and allows them to specify certain parameters such as the private address space allocated to the devices attributes for user

Therefore, once a corporate user has established a connection on the corporate APN, the GSM device will be able to exchange data with the customer’s corporate network.

Customers purchasing a private APN have the liberty to choose the name of their APN with maximum number of characters 9.

What is the advantage of a Private APN?

The benefit is that the traffic is secure and never goes on to a public network, staying completely on GPRS. This lessens complexity in the communications path and is one less point of failure in the system.

As it is secure, this means that you will not be open to attack external parties, such as spammers or virus-based activities.


  • Ensure the confidentiality of data

  • Data Encryption

  • Firewall

  • IP secure

This service is used in many applications including ATM machine, measurement tracking system

Tariff Service

1000 LYD-APN
1 LYD-Static IP




Conference call

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Free number

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Bulk SMS

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​​​​​​​Data Recharge


The process of recharge this package as normal (electronic charging, Credit transfer).

Credit transfer service:-

​ ​You can transfer credit from 1 LD. to 5 LD. from your credit to any other subscriber in the same prepayment system, knowing that this transfer doesn't increase the expire date of the receiver balance.

How to transfer the credit:

Send SMS to 8484 containing the number you want to transfer the credit to followed by the symbol # then the amount (choose from 1 to 5) you want to send. Ex. 091XXXXXXX#5

Another way you can use the list *140#​​

​Services & Features

  • Negative balance service
  • Online bill (Printing invoice via internet)
  • Change your package
  • Credit transfer service
  • Data (GPRS Service)
  • The smart menu *140#
  • Voice mail service
  • Block your mobile​​



When entering the SIM to your device that SIM will send a serial number for your device automatically to ALMADAR system's and then system will Send online service settings automatically In some cases, you can’t send the settings to your device because the device can’t be supported by us, because the manufacturer of your device prohibit the use of your data so you can adjust your settings manually enter the following values in your device: APN: