Corporate Social Responsibility

Almadar Aljadid has been the leading operator that believes about connecting people and business by mobile and digital services, it target to beyond serving its clients to be in core social responsibility and sustainability standing on solid ground of historical achievements in the largest societal participations. We builds bridges with Libyan community to support all the walks of their life needs and improve life style, Almadar CSR efforts working to raise its emerging growth in each dimension of social, economic and sustainable pillars. Our sponsorship covered education development, health care, humanitarian aid, maintains of local heritage in the old mosques, Quran schools and awards in cultural activities, NGOs support, and variety of environmental participation and actions. Almadar seeking to applying responsibility and sustainability in go on toward global best practices in CSR for handles high societal value and prospective welfare.

We proud that Almadar Aljadid is:

  • - The first Mobile operator in North Africa
  • - The top sponsor to people and community in Libya
  • - The best recruiter to better students and graduates for R&D in Libya


Health and community care

  1. Support the community with emergency medical equipment for more than 100 hospitals and public general including (Eyes Hospital - Kidney Disease Hospital - Cordoba - El Galaa Hospital for Childbirth)
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Education, culture and science

  1. Sponsorship of more than 20 award for the Holy Quran
  2. Supporting the reconstruction of mosques and Quranic schools for more than 50 ancient mosques and preparing new ones in different cities of Libya
  3. Sponsorship of culture, heritage, magazines, community activities and awareness of their respective conferences
  4. Madrasati project (developing school classrooms and children's education environment): Almadar Aljadid launched in 2012 a Madrasati campaign project to provide ready classes for a number of Libyan schools and by allocate 17% of its total revenues to support the 300 schools, which included the various regions of Libya.
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Initiatives to develop corporate responsibility and sustainability

  1. Shared value initiatives are under preparation for the 2020 Strategy
  2. Programs to develop corporate responsibility towards employees and develop their cultural activities
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Exhibitions / Social Seasons / Humanitarian Aid

  1. Annual entries at the National Telecommunications Exhibitions and Tripoli International Fair
  2. Campaigns to take care of the needs of the Hajj seasons for three consecutive years
  3. Continuing campaigns to care for cancer children and social institutions involved in their care
  4. Campaigns of urgent national relief efforts for the past six years for displaced families in Libya
  5. Supporting the awareness of the Zakat Fund and reminding people of the importance of helping those in need
  6. Campaign to care for the needs of needy families on Eid al-Adha for 4 consecutive years
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