​​​​Almadar Aljadid launched earlier in the year 2012 Maderasati campaign, to provide classes for a number of Libyan schools and allocated 17% of the total revenue for the whole month to support the schools and the campaign. We now continue  the implementation and delivery of ready-chapters in various targeted schools.​

​Chapters in the Eastern region is nearing completion of the first part, fully equipping schools.

The second part of the campaign is to start working in the South og Libya and is expected to complete within two months maximum and is expected to finish the project by the end of academic year2014-2014 when the students begin new school year.

​Almadar Aljadid considers this campaign as a small contribution to the bigger goals it is aiming to achieve for the Libyan society and in terms of moral duty towards the Libyan people.​​​