Chairman's Message

​​​​​​Watch Mr. Abdulkhalek Ashuor, Executive Chairman telling us about the strategy and direction for Almadar Aljadid.

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A message from our Chairman​

​​​Being the first mobile operator in Libya, Almadar Aljadid has continuously been working for over 20 years to improve it's customer satisfaction and meet their ever​ changing expectations and demand on diverse range of services through which Almadar has played a crucial role in promoting growth and de​velopment of Libyan society​.


As a telecom service provider, we will continue to offer a wide range of products to our customers at an unmatched value focusing more on digital services in a self-tailored self-managed fashion gambling on our competent and dedicated staff who succeeded to make it so far.

Best Regards
Abdulkhalek Ashuor
Executive Chairman at Almadar Al​jadid​