About the plan

​​​​​Almadar Aljadid’s ​Postpaid plan provides wide coverage across Libya. Subscribers can benefit from international calls, Roaming opportunities with more than 300 networks in over 120 countries, GPRS, SMS and AeroMobile & OnAir at the best prices.

Customers can now choose from different Almadar Postpaid bundles, starting from as low as LYD 500

How to subscribe

In order to subs​cribe a Postpaid plan for personal use, visit Almadar Aljadid’s customer service center and choose the number and type of subscription with a written requ​est ​and a personal ID. The subscription fees start from LYD 1,700. 

Customers can choose the special numbers as shown below starting from LYD 1,700 and up to LYD 5,100. 

Special Bundles

Now our Postpaid customers can own Special Numbers, please see below​ the bundle rates and the various packages available. Simply select one and speak to our sales representative to own one of these.​

View the full list of available packages and price.



Local Calls

Madar-Madar 90 dirhams just for first three minute then become 50 dirhams  
Madar-Libyana 90 dirhams / per minute
Madar-Fixed90 dirhams / per minute

Local SMS

Madar-Libyana 50 dirhams / SMS
Madar-Madar 50 dirhams / SMS

International Calls

View the rates here

International SMS

Tariff to​ send a text message to any country outside Libya: AED 250 per text message




GPRS Service (Internet)

The GPRS service allows subscribers to stay connected to the internet and benefit from immediate access to e-mail,  social media, news, etc. anywhere at any time.

How to activate the GPRS Service?​​​​

​Call Barring​

Almadar Aljadid allows you to control domestic a​nd international calls from your cell phone. If you have lost your SIM, use our call barring service to protect your SIM.

Read more about Call Barr​ing​

Family and Friends

Almadar customers can t​alk more with “Family and Friends” on the same network! “Family and Friends” service gives our  customers 33% discount.

How to activate the service

Enable/ Disable Internatonal calls

Subscribers can stay in touch with contacts abroad by activating or deactivating the international calls service or control your spend using this service. 

How to activate the service


Voice Mail

To ensure that you never miss any call, enable your voice mail service, which allows to record, store and retrieves voice messages. Activate this free service now!

Enable Voice mail


Detaile​d bill​

Subscribers of postpaid plans can stay on top of yout spend by getting a detailed invoice for incoming and outgoing calls for any period of time for the fee of LYD 25 for each bill. 

​How to track your spend

Roaming Packages & Coverage


Almadar Aljadid allows you to stay in touch with friends and family while outside the country with the best coverage and rates.​​

View our tariffs to different countrie​s

View our international and ​on board roaming service​s​​