From Me To You

This service allows postpaid Subscribers to grant a balance to any prepaid subscriber (inside / outside Libya) with the same validity period of the voucher cards. The transferred amount must be 5 or 10 Dinars with a total amount of 30 Dinars per month.

  1. The Service for postpaid subscribers.
  2. TO grant a balance please call *313# and follow the steps.
  3. The amount of the granted balance will benefit Almadar Aljadid's prepaid subscribers only.
  4. The granted amount should be either 5 or 10 Dinars and a total of 30 Dinars per month.
  5. Validity period according to granted amount.
  6. The granted amount will be added to your monthly subscription bill.
  7. The monthly bill must not exceed the specified amount.