Voice Mail Service

​​Voice mail service allow the callers to leave a message 

Don't miss any important calls when you are with Almadar Aljadid.

To ensure that you never miss any call, enable your voice mail service, which allows to record, store and retrieves voice messages.

Activate the service now and it is free of charge. Remember to activate the Diverting Calls Service first on your device. Then follow the steps below to divert the calls to your Voice Mail Service.

Ways of transferring voice mail:

  • Transfer all calls to the voice mail: * 21 * 122 # OK
  • Transfer calls to the voice mail in case no answer: * 61 * 122 # OK
  • Transfer calls to the voice mail in case the user is busy: * 67 * 122 # OK
  • Transfer call to the voice mail in case they can't get the user: ​* 62 * 122 # OK

When the subscriber diverts the receiving calls to voice mail service, he will be receiving SMS about the contact that tried to reach him with all call details (Time of call, date …).

Note: You have to enter the number from left to right.

Listening to voice mail...

  • To Listen to your voice mail , dial (123) from your mobile phone.
  • If you are using another mobile phone then dial the number (125), when you request your mailbox. Remember to enter your number preceded by 091.
  • If you use voice mail for the first time, you will be asked to enter your PIN number.
  • For the rest of the available services, you can listen to the list that lets you change various options.

Note: The cost of hearing incoming voice mails is 100 dirham/min.