About Tawasul

Almadar Aljadid’s prepaid plan, Tawasul, offers easy-to-use services with fixed tariffs throughout the day, in addition to excellent customer care.


Top-up online from anywhere​


International Dialing


Excellent customer care experience

To subscribe:

Simply walk into any Almadar Aljadid authorised dealer and purchase the prepaid SIM and recharge card.

Additional charges

  • ​Charge​s for SIM reactivation: LYD 15
  • Charges for SIM replacement in the case of loss or damage: LYD 5

Vouchers or Recharge card usage

  • Prepaid cards can only be used once
  • You can charge your account by buying any of the prepaid card categories available
  • You can top-up your balance at any time during the validity period. This increases your balance with the prepaid card expiry date set according to the table on right
  • If you enter the 13 digit number incorrectly 4 times, your account will be deactivated. Please contact our customer service center on 1211 or 1213 for help
Amount in Recharge Card​​​Validity
LYD 3 1​​​5 Da​​​ys
LYD 5 35 Days
LYD 10 75 Days
​LYD 20 120 Days​
LYD 40 240 Days
LYD 50 365 Days
LYD 100 365 Days



Local Calls

M​adar-Fixed40 dirhams / minute
Madar-Libyana 90 dirhams / minute
Madar-Madar 60 dirhams / minute

Local SMS​

Madar-Libyana 50 dirhams / SMS
Madar-Madar 50 dirhams / SMS

International Calls

View the rates here

International SMS

Tariff to send a text message to any country outside Libya 250 dirhams / text message

Recharge your Prepaid line

Now you can recharge through our Recharge portal using credit cards or voucher whenever and wherever you need

You can recharge using one of the following methods:

  • through the website
  • using the voucher cards
  • using the electronic voucher

Services​ available for Tawasul

Family and Friends

Almadar customers can t​alk more with “Family and Friends” on the same network! “Family and Friends” service gives our customers 33% discount.​​

How to activate the Service?

GPRS Service (Internet)

We have several GPRS bundles to suit your needs - daily, weekly and monthly subscriptions available. Select one that fits your budget and activate it with an SMS!​​

How to activate the GPRS Service?


Balance transfer

The mobile balance transfer service is available for subscribers with the same prepaid plan.The balance gets added to the beneficiary but it does not extend the validity period.

Read more about the service​​​​​​


Check your balance​

With Almadar's Prepaid ​Plan, you can check your balance in many ways. Please select one of the options below to check your balance!

How to use the Service?

Call me back service

Send a “Call me Back” SMS to any Almadar number. The recipient will get a text, “You have received a call request from XXXXXXX”. You get 3 free SMS for “Call me back”.

How to use the Service?


Negative balance service

Almadar prepaid customers are allowed to use upto LYD 1 without the calls being disconnected and will allow you to complete the call you are making.

Negative Balance Service


Send SMS​

Learn how to set up and send SMS with Almadar's Prepaid Plan, Tawasul.

How to use the Service?


​​Re​charge me

Send a free “Recharge Me” SMS to any prepaid or postpaid Almadar number. The recipient will get a text, “You have received a recharge request from XXXXXXX”

More about Recharge Me Service​


Voice mail service

To ensure that you never miss any call, enable your voice mail service, which allows to record, store and retrieves voice messages. ​Activate the service now and it is free of charge.​

More about Voice mail service​​​​​​​

Roaming Packages & Coverage


Roaming:​ You can always be in touch with your friends and family while you are travelling outside the country with our Prepaid Plan Tawasul. Almadar Aljadid is committed to providing you with the best coverage and rates​ across the globe.