Internet Bejawk (Internet Pay as you go)

Internet Bejawk (Internet Pay as you go) allows you Enjoy high-speed mobile Internet access
and instant access to e-mail, Social networking, the latest news, and
more at any time and from anywhere.

If you like having the freedom to choose how often, and how much you spend on your phone, then Pay As You Go is the right choice for you.
There’s no bills, and no monthly contract. Just choose how much datayou need, and top up. It’s that easy.

Features of the package

you can activated the service by dial *000#

The charge will be Deduction directly from your account balance.

Tariff Rate 25 libyan dirham per 1 Mb

you can deactivated  the service by dial *000*1*3#

The service will deactivated automatically if did't use during next 24 hours.