MIX packsges offers you the best value made just for your monthly consumption. No matter how much  your consumption is, MIX is your ideal solution to stay connected at a lower price! 

You'll be able enjoy Calls, Data and Messages within the network and without having to worry about your balance running out or any network interruptions.

MIX 0.5 package made just for you, according to your consumption, stay conncted and get:

500 Mins worth of Calls, 100 Messages and 0.5 Gigabytes of Data,  Only for 15 LYD per month! 

To subscribe:

  1. Dial *000#.
  2. Choose 'high-speed Internet'.
  3. Go to 'Monthly Offers'.
  4. Choose 'MIX'.

Please note that this package offer may differ from one subscriber to another depending on their monthly consumption.