Top-up your account

​​​Top-up yours or your family's account anytime!​

​​Almadar provides various options to top-up your number. Please choose the suitable option from the below.​​

  1. ​Use Almadar Aljadid'​s new online portal to ​top-up from anywhere!
  2. Recharge cards: Dial the code *112* followed by the 13 digit password (from left to right) and #
  3. ​​Credit transfer:  140 Service
    • Dial the code *140#
    • A list of available services will be displayed.
    • Press "ANSWER".​​
    • Enter the required service number from the list and then press "SEND".
    • Repeat the steps 2 and 3 until you reach the needed service.
  4. Credit transfer:​ SMS
    Send an SMS to 8484 containing the account number you want to transfer the credit to, followed by the symbol # and the amount you want to transfer (between LYD 1 and LYD 5).
    Example: 091XXXXXXX#5
  5. Recharge electronically through our authorised dealers​.​