Bulk SMS Servies

Bulk SMS Service

Bulk SMS service is one of the best services used in marketing and communication, where you can send SMS messages to all your customers or your organization with ease, speed and high efficiency.

Advertising messaging services for Corporates and Commercial activities

SMS advertising is the best and most efficient way to reach customers, as well as the least expensive and most effective:

  • It ensures that your message reaches the target subscriber.
  • It enables you to have an immediate and direct interaction with your customers.
  • It enables you to periodically notify customers of all new offers and services.
  • IT allows you to target subscribers in a specific geographic range.
  • It gives you the ability to send the message with a sender name of your choice, provided that it consists of 1 to 11 English language letters.
  • It is also considered one of the best ways to communicate with your employees to inform them of the latest work developments.

Local Notification Messaging Services and Applications

  • Through our Bulks SMS service, you can easily communicate with subscribers in your system.
  • You can send notifications to alert service subscribers of the dates of meetings, conferences, seminars, or congratulate them on holidays and events.
  • Zero cost of setup, operation, maintenance, delivery, or any other undisclosed expenses.
  • Ease of implementation and operation.
  • The service is available in all parts of the State of Libya.
  • A distinctive technical support service that covers your needs in normal or emergency situations around the clock.
  • Payment methods that suit your needs.

Banking notification message packages

Mobile Banking has had a huge boom in the recent years, which is reflected in the huge demand for it

  • Bank customers will be Immediately notified of account transactions.
  • Use one time passwords "OTP" messages to help fight fraud.
  • Create real-time fraud alerts.
  • Send payment reminders and notifications.
  • Allow your customers to monitor their account activity.
  • Reduce operating costs by enabling customers to manage their account remotely.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and retention.

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