​​Subscribers can benefit from international calls, Roaming, GPRS, SMS and AeroMobile AS & OnAir at the best prices with Almadar Aljadid’s postpaid plan.

​​​Almadar Aljadid’s ​postpaid plan provides wide coverage across Libya.

Subscribers can benefit from high quality integrated and added value services in addition to roaming opportunities with more than 300 networks in over 120 countries, and roaming agreements with air and sea transport companies.

Customers can now choose from three different Almadar Postpaid bundles, starting from as low as LYD 1,700.

To subscribe to a post paid service, submit a written request at the nearest Almadar Aljadid Service Center. Please visit the nearest Almadar Service Centre with the necessary documents and we will be happy to take you through the details.

Business connections

In order to subscribe a post paid connections for business, visit Almadar Aljadid’s customer service center and choose the number and type of subscription with the following documents.

  • Submit an official letter
  • Submit an ID copy for new subscribers and the name of the company delegate in charge of completing the procedure.
  • Submit a bank guarantee letter for the value of LYD 1,000 per subscription.

Customers can choose the special numbers as shown below. Speak to our customer service agents for further information

Personal connections​

In order to subs​cribe a post paid connections for personal use, visit Almadar Aljadid’s customer service center and choose the number and type of subscription with the following documents.:

  • ​Through a written requ​est
  • By visiting our offices
  • Subscription fees start from LYD 1,700. See the table below for more details :

​​​​Package NameSequence Figures fo​r Bundles​Price

View ​Package NameSequence Figures for Bundles Price

If you are looking for postpaid Special numbers, ask our sales representatives to provide you with all the information you need.

Choose your number package according to the price list :
View Top Bundle Special Numbers
View Superior Bundle Special Numbers

For corporate use (public, private):

  1. ​​​​​By sending an official letter, including the following: number and type of subscription, copy of identity card for new subscribers, the name of the delegate in charge of the completing the procedure
  2. A letter of guarantee from the bank showing a value of LYD 1,000 is necessary per subscription​​​​​​​​​



Local Calls

091-Almadar 90 dirhams for the first minute and ​50dirhams after the third minute
091-Libyana 90 dirhams / per minute
091-Landline 90 dirhams / per minute

Local SMS

Madar-Fixed 50 dirhams for 1 SMS
Madar-Libyana 50 dirhams for 1 SMS
Madar-Madar 250 dirhams for 1 SMS

International Calls

View the rates here

International SMS

View the rates here


GPRS Service (Ge​neral Packet Radio Services)

The GPRS service allows subscribers to stay connected to the internet and benefit from immediate access to e-mail, social media, news, etc. anywhere at any time.

How to activate the GPRS Service?

Dial the code *140#

  • A list of available services will be displayed.
  • Press "ANSWER".
  • Enter the required service number from the list and then press "SEND".
  • Repeat the steps 2 and 3 until you reach the needed service.

International Roaming

W​hether you are on a holiday or a business trip, you are only a call away from home with our International Roaming Service.

How to activate the service

Postpaid subscribers must visit the nearest service center and submit the application form and pay the following charges:

  • A one time activation fee: LYD 200
  • A security deposit of LYD 850. This security deposit may be reimbursed upon cancelation of this service and payment of due bills and charges.
​ ​​

AeroMobile Service OnAir

Postpaid subscribers can also stay connected on board airplanes.

In-flight Roaming

GSM mobile phones can be used during flights; after take-off and before landing. The in-flight roaming service operates like a regular roaming service on ground. With an activated roaming subscription Almadar Aljadid’s subscribers can simply switch on their mobile phones on mobile in-flight mode in a roaming equipped aircraft to start using this service.

The service is available with the following airlines:

View ​AeroMobile Service OnAir​

Roaming Packages & Coverage

​ ​​

Roaming:​ Tawasul allows you to contact friends and family while outside the country with the best coverage and rates. It also offers a variety of value added services so you can stay in touch with your loved ones abroad.

Almadar Aljadid is committed to providing you with the best connection in all countries across the globe.

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